GBrakes USA brake line kits are anything but standard. We start off by using the highest quality machined banjo fittings and bolts in the industry. Our Teflon core, stainless braided hoses are PVC wrapped for abrasion protection, and come in 12 different colors. There are also 5 different fitting colors available to suit anyone’s preferences or color scheme. Line color choices include: Clear, White, Smoke, Black, Platinum, Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Gold, Yellow, and Green. Banjo fittings are available in Silver, Gold, Black, Red, and Blue.

        Kits are bike specific and tailored to each application for perfect fit and finish. Unlike many other manufacturers, we pre-position our banjo fittings for an out-of-the-box fit. If you do need to fine-tune the orientation of the fittings during installation click HERE for more information. Most GBrakes USA brake line kits include labels to help guide you through the installation process, something not found with any other manufacturer. Click HERE for more information on installation, or call and speak with one of our techs. All GBrakes USA lines are covered by our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We also offer DOT approved versions of our brake line kits at no additional cost. Just let your sales representative or dealer know when placing the order.

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          Stainless Steel Brake Line Features

          • Proprietary, premium fittings as used by Ferrari, Lamborghini, KTM, and Ducati
          • Banjos utilizes a unique machined channel and sealing surface for leak-free installations
          • PTFE Dupont 64 Teflon® hose
          • R&D and engineered in the USA
          • Custom modification available
          • GBrakes USA controls the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest level of quality control
          • MADE IN THE USA

          Single Stiffener Front or Rear Kit (Off-Road)

          • For off-road use
          • Significantly improves response and feel over factory rubber lines
          • Largest performance improvement for your money over any other braking upgrade
          • Stainless steel hose resists abrasion and puncture
          • Teflon core does not degrade over time like rubber lines
          • Feature a heavy-duty stiffener sleeve and route just like the factory lines
          • A evised routing option available for the front of older bikes with under-axle factory lines

            Who Is GBRAKES?

            GBrakes is the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems for American V-Twin motorcycles. Our racing heritage and experience has trickled down into the development of our premium custom rotors that . . . . .


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            Performance Braking System & Accessories

            GBrakes is the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems for the vtwin motorcycle enthusiasts & racers alike. We specialize in creating the high-end components you need to live fast and brake faster.

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