240mm Fixed Groove Wave® Rotor – Rear Disc – DF840RW

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A 240mm Fixed Groove patented Wave® rotor for optimum pad-to-rotor contact special grooves to provide an active cooling system by allowing air to pass over every point of brake pad surface and a . Every high-quality Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel laser cut (never stamped) double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application. Precision made in our Galfer factory in Spain.


For the demanding racer who needs outstanding performance even in the most aggressive conditions! This rotor is the lightest and most powerful we build and is used by current top supercross and motocross teams. Also available in kit form to include brake pads and caliper relocation bracket.



This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


  • EN 125 2015-2016 Rear Disc
  • EN 144 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • EN 250 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • EN 250F 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • EN 300 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • EN 450 F 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • EN 530 F 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 125 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 144 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 250 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 250 F 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 300 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • MX 530 F 2015-2022 Rear Disc
  • SMX 660 F 2015 Rear Disc